You Need A Qualification That Makes You Employable

In spite of the presence of many institutions of higher learning in every country of the world, with large numbers of graduate being churned out for the labour market, it is widely rated that almost 75% of graduates from less developed or developing countries have difficulty in securing jobs.

Yet the quest to recruit “best graduate brains” by employers of labour in these countries to take on critical job roles remain unmet.

To help families of the world and individuals gain values for their investment in professional and academic education, the London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) is inviting fresh and old university graduates who are either employed or unemployed, undergraduates everywhere, and persons who want a career shift to credit management, to take advantage of its programmes in credit management at the LPCMC here in London.

If you are interested in pursuing any of our specialist programmes, LPCMC will support you to get a six months study visa to the UK.

Please send indication of interest to this email:

You can also call any of these numbers:

(Mobile Line) 07387925568, (Office Line) 02072787733


From developed to newly developed economies, down to developing and large emerging economies, it has been established that specialist/professional certifications greatly increase employability and career progression of people looking to be hired.


Professional qualifications which bridge the gap between unemployability and employability is what London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) represents. Its six months programme leads to the award of job-enhanced professional qualification in credit management, attesting that the holder is a certified specialist in credit analysis, credit and financial modelling, and general credit management, designed to reshape, remodel and enhance the employability prospects of the holder.

For more details, click here and then click on “LEARN MORE AND GET QUALIFIED” button to get the brochure.

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20 Feb 2018